måndag 25 augusti 2014

For people arriving in Sundsvall on friday the 29th, please go to Orion Spel & Böcker on Köpmangatan 23 as we will use that as the local gathering spot.

fredag 16 maj 2014

Twin Mountain 2014

Twin Mountain Blood Bowl Tournament 2014

This years edition of the Twin Mountain Tournament is set to take place over the weekend of August 30th-31st. It will be located at WF-Sundsvall on Nybrogatan 30 in Sundsvall. Due to the nature of the venue, we will be able to provide attending coaches with a bar serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as candy and sandwiches, for the duration of the tournament. Due to this it is also imperative that you register in advance, as we cannot let unregistered people into the venue.


To register send an email to twinmountainbowl@gmail.com with your name, NAF-name, NAF-number (if you are a NAF member), your age, as well as a completed team roster.
Last day for registering is the 17th of August.
The cost for the tournament is 150kr if paid in advance and 200 kr if paid on site. (200 and 250 respectively for non-NAF members but this includes a NAF membership, if you want it.)
To pay in advance please use PG: 1434805-6 or BG: 5011-6185 and mark the payment with your NAF name. If you are not a NAF member please use the first letter of your first name together with your last name.
If you want to visit and just be a spectator there is no entrance fee, but you must still register, due to the serving of alcohol. Just send your name and age to the email above.

What to bring

You need to bring the following:
  • The team you wish to play, painted to a reasonable standard.
  • Two copies of your team roster
  • Dice, preferably GW or NAF dice.
What would be nice if you could bring:
  • Copy of the LRB 6.0
  • Blood Bowl pitch with dugouts and templates.


The Twin Mountain Bowl will be a NAF sanctioned tournament. For more information regarding NAF please go to www.thenaf.net.

Tournament Rules

As this tournament is quite close to the EuroBowl Open, we have decided that it would be a good thing to use the same rules as the EuroBowl, to allow coaches to test out their roster for the big event. Also, those dudes do have some slick ideas, so why not take advantage of that. Credit for these rules goes to Florent Maire(Babass), Bram Serbruyns(gesmachiene) and Mats Clays(Da Great MC)

Tournament Format

  • 6 Rounds, 4 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday
  • Random Draw for the first round
  • Swiss Pairing for rounds 2-6

Team Creation

  • Team Value 110
  • No inducements are allowed, except for Goblin Bribes (50K each, maximum 3) and a Master Chef for Halflings (100K).

Team Tiers

  • TIER 1: Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Lizardmen, Necromantic, Norse, Orc, Skaven, Undead, Wood Elf
  • TIER 2: Chaos, Chaos Pact, (Pro) Elf, High Elf, Human, Khemri, Nurgle’s Rotters, Slann, Underworld, Vampire
  • TIER 3: Goblin, Halfling, Ogre

Beginning Skills

  • Tier 1: 3 normal skills
  • Tier 2: 4 normal skills + 1 ‘double’ skill
  • Tier 3: 3 normal skills + 2 ‘double’ skills
All these skills must be assigned at the start of the tournament.

Round 4-6 Skills

After round 3 all teams may add more skills to their roster, this must be done before round 4 starts.
  • Tier 1: 3 normal skills
  • Tier 2: 3 normal skills
  • Tier 3: 3 normal skills

Skill Assignment

  • Stacking is not allowed, no player can ever receive more than one skill.
  • All skills must be clearly noted on all copies of your team roster before the tournament starts. It must be clear to everyone which skills are ‘day 1 skills’ and which are ‘day 2 skills’.

Scoring System

The following scoring system will be used to determine individual rankings
  • Win: 5 points
  • Draw: 2 points
  • Minor Loss (1TD): 1 point
  • Major Loss (2+TD): 0 points


Individuals will be ranked by the points they have earned. Should two or more individuals have an equal number of points, the following tiebreakers will be used in order:
  • Number of Victories
  • Number of Draws
  • Opponent Score (The sum of all points of all your opponents)
  • Net TDs + Net Casualties


Prices will be awarded to the winner, the runner up, most violent coach and highest scoring coach. There will also be a special price for the best placed stunty team as well as a very special price for whoever is skilled enough to place last.
There will also be more prices available for performing certain things during the tournament, but this will be kept secret until the tournament itself.


There will be four matches on Saturday and two matches on Sunday. The event starts at 10:00 on both Saturday and Sunday, Each round will be 2 hours and 10 minutes long.


The venue will also serve as sleeping quarters between the Saturday and Sunday. If you wish to spend the night at the venue make sure you bring some kind of mattress and sleeping bag as the floor is cold and hard. If you arrive on Friday evening we might be able to provide you with lodging with one of the local coaches, please send an email to  twinmountainbowl@gmail.com and let us know how many people needs lodging and we’ll try to accommodate you.

Any Questions?

If there is anything else regarding the tournament you'd like to know please contact us at twinmountainbowl@gmail.com

måndag 21 januari 2013

Listened up: Alphaspel is your local dealer! (*Free shipping)

As a small sign of support for the Swedish Blood Bowl community, Alphaspel is willing to waive shipping fees for Blood Bowl related miniatures, supplies and accessories for all deliveries to the Twin Mountain Blood Bowl Tournament. Just place an order as normal, with the delivery option "övriga uthämtning". Our contact at the tournament will be Daniel "JammyDodger", or speak with the tournament organiser Christian Sedin "coma" who will forward you to him.

The order deadline is Thursday 24th January, 12:00. Please mark your order with "Delivery to Twin Mountain Blood Bowl Tournament".


måndag 14 januari 2013

Register now to be certain of an awesome weekend!

There is currently 2 spots left for the tournament to be guaranteed a place in the tournament. We will of course try to make room for more coaches as best we can if you are interested to join after the 20 original spots are filled.

Register now to be certain of an awesome weekend!

torsdag 20 december 2012


There is only 9 spots left for the tournament now so send in your registration asap!

Clarification: Payment is done to Mittkon on site. Late fee is only added if you havent sent in your registration on time (with or without a complete roster).

Prices for the tournament is ordered from our beloved sponsor http://impactminiatures.com .
There will be a team for first place and some other goodies for other achievements in the tournament.

TMBBT Schedule! *(Changed) 26-27 January 2013

Saturday 26/1
09.00 - 09.30 Registration and setup

Timekeeping: All coaches will be notified after one hour has passed into every game. All games that are not finished with their first half at this time will continue the game with the four minute time limit.

09.30 - 11.45 Game 1
11.45 - 12.30 1st Breakfast
12.30 - 14.45 Game 2
14.45 - 16.00 2nd Breakfast
16.00 - 18.15 Game 3
18.15 - 19.00 3rd Breakfast
19.00 - 21.15 Game 4 

22.00 - Day summary for Sunday finals.

Note: Semi-finals will be played on a reserve basis. That means that if a coach isn’t there on time, 10.00 at the very latest, to play their game the spot will go to the next coach in line of the coaches that are present and ready to play. The odd man out team from the commissioners will not play the semi-finals.

Sunday 27/1
10.00 – 12.30 Semi-finals
13.00 – 15.30 Grand Finale

The price ceremony will take place shortly after the Grand Finale is concluded.
Note: Overtime is played in the final matches and time for those games is adjusted accordingly. The schedule for Sunday is subject to change if necessary. The starting time for the matches will not be set earlier than schedule.

TMBBT - Custom kick-off table

Twin Mountain Blood Bowl Tournament custom kick-off table.
(All changes to the original kick-off table shown in the CRP in red)

2. Get the Ref: The fans exact gruesome revenge on the referee for some of the dubious decisions he has made, either during this match or in the past. His replacement is so intimidated that he can be more easily persuaded to look the other way. Each team receives 1 additional Bribe to use during this game. A Bribe allows you to attempt to ignore one call by the referee for a player who has committed a foul to be sent off, or a player armed with a secret weapon to be banned from the match. Roll a D6: on a roll of 2-6 the bribe is effective (preventing a turnover if the player was ejected for fouling), but on a roll of 1 the bribe is wasted and the call still stands! Each bribe may be used once per match.

3. Riot: The trash talk between two opposing players explodes and rapidly degenerates, involving the rest of the players. If the receiving team´s turn marker is on turn 7 for the half, both teams move their turn marker back one space as the referee resets the clock back to before the fight started. If the receiving team has not yet taken a turn this half the referee lets the clock run on during the fight and both team´s turn markers are moved forward one space. Otherwise roll a D6. On a 1-3, both teams turn markers are moved forward one space. On a 4-6, both team´s turn markers are moved back one space.

4. Good Defence: The kicking team´s coach may choose to re-arrange his players on the line of scrimmage and in the wide zones. The only player´s eligible to be moved is the one´s positioned on the line of scrimmage and in the wide zones. The receiving team must remain in the set-up chosen by their coach.

5. High Kick: The ball is kicked very high, allowing a player on the receiving team time to move into the perfect position to catch it. Any one player on the receiving team who is not in an opposing player´s tackle zone may be moved into the square where the ball will land no matter what their MA may be, as long as the square is unoccupied.

6. Cheering Fans: Each coach rolls a D3 and adds their team´s FAME (see page 18) and the number of cheerleaders on their team to the score. The team with the highest score is inspired by their fans cheering and gets an extra re-roll this half. If both teams have the same score, then both teams get a re-roll.

7. Changing Weather: Make a new roll on the Weather table (see page 20). Apply the new Weather roll. If the Weather roll was a “Nice” result, then a gentle gust of wind makes the ball scatter one extra square in a random direction before landing. The kicking team may use the kick skill to prevent the ball from scattering the extra square. In order to use the Kick skill, see the conditions in the CRP on page 65.

8. Brilliant Coaching: Each coach rolls a D3 and adds their FAME (see page 18) and the number of assistant coaches on their team to the score. The team with the highest total gets an extra team re-roll this half thanks to the brilliant instruction provided by the coaching staff. In case of a tie both teams get an extra team re-roll.

9. Quick snap! The offence start their drive a fraction of time before the defence is ready. Catching the kicking team flat-footed. All of the players on the receiving team are allowed to move one square. This is a free move and may be made into any adjacent empty square, ignoring tackle zones. It may be used to enter the opposing half of the pitch.

10. To Blitz! or not to Blitz? The defence start their drive a fraction of time before the offence is ready, catching the receiving team flat-footed. The kicking team recieves a free “bonus” turn. However, after each Action roll a D6, on a 1 the free turn ends. This roll may not be re-rolled. Players that are in an enemy tackle zone at the beginning of this free turn may not perform an action. The kicking team may use team re-rolls during the bonus turn. If any player suffers a turnover then the bonus turn ends immediately.

11. Throw a Bloodweiser: An enraged fan hurls a large Bloodweiser bottle at one of the players on the opposing team. Each coach rolls a D6 and adds their FAME (see page 18) to the roll. The fans of the team that rolls higher are the ones that threw the Bloodweiser. In the case of a tie a Bloodweiser bottle is thrown at each of them! Decide randomly which player in the other team was hit (only players on the pitch are eligible) and roll for armor on that player who is knocked down.

12. Pitch Invasion: Both coaches roll a D6 for each opposing player on the pitch and add their FAME (see page 18) to the roll. If a roll is 6 or more after modification then roll for armor on that player who is knocked down. If the armor is broken then the player is Stunned no injury roll required (players with the Ball & Chain skill are KO´d, no armor roll required). A roll of 1 before adding FAME will always have no effect.

TMBBT Rulez! 26-27 January 2013

How to register:
Send your registration for the tournament to twinmountainbowl@gmail.com complete with your full name, mobile, e-mail, NAF-number and of course your finished roster.

·         Last day to register is 4/1

Cost is 50 kr for the tournament. Late payment is 50 kr more, that includes paying on site. You will also need to be registered for the gaming convention and pay the entrance fee of 100 kr in order to play in the tournament.

Info in the gaming convention: http://mittkon.org/index.php

Warm up event! Friday 25/1
This is for all of you who arrive on Friday and are hungry for some Blood Bowl!

There will be a Dungeon Bowl set up and we will play Lego Dungeon bowl. Bring your own Lego team or borrow one on site.
The warm up is a drop in event and is free of charge!
Note: Rules will be posted closer to the event.

What you need to bring
• A painted team that you intend to play with
• Two copies of your team’s roster
• GW or NAF Blocking Dice, 2 D6, 1 D8
• Copy of the LRB 6.0/C.R.P.
Note: Don't forget the rules for the three new races: Chaos Pact, Slann, and Underworld.

What would be good if you bring
Blood Bowl pitch with dugouts and templates. This ensures that we will have enough equipment for everyone to play.

The Twin Mountain Blood Bowl Tournament will be a NAF sanctioned event. (If you don’t know what the NAF is go to www.thenaf.net for more information)

Tournament Rules:
Four games of Swiss pairing on Saturday followed by semi-finals and the grand finale on Sunday. The Tournament will be a resurrection style tournament. Any injuries your team suffers will not carry over to the next game, and no SPP will be earned. The roster you start the tournament with will be the same for each round you play.

Rosters must be TV 1100 before skill packs are added. Any official teams in the CRP are welcome, as well as the three new races (Slann, Chaos Pact, and Underworld.)

The weather is rolled for by the top table at the beginning of each round. The result will apply to everyone’s games.

We use our own Kickoff table.

Buying Inducements:
Only stunty teams can buy inducements!

Teams that count as stunty are the following: Halflings, Goblins, Lizardman (without the Saurus position), Ogre (with 0-4 ogres including stars) and Underworld (without the Skaven positions).
Note: You can still play Lizardman, Ogre and Underworld as a normal team.

Two star players may be bought, but you still need at least 11 regular players in your team.
Halflings are allowed to buy a Halfling Chef for 100k.
Goblins and Underworld (stunty) are allowed to buy up to 2 Bribes for 50k each.

Illegal procedure:
Illegal procedure will not be called in this tournament in order to keep things nice and friendly.

Time limit:
Each game will have 2 hours to be completed. The 4-minute turn rule will be used, unless both coaches agree to not use it.
When the time limit is reached no new actions may be taken, but any started actions are to be completed as quickly as possible.
Any coach that takes part in a match that exceeds the time limit will be required to use the 4 minute rule in all matches from then on.

Before each match you and your opponent must agree on one set of tournament legal dice to share throughout the match.

Additional Skills:
Before the tournament begins, you can choose one of the Skill packages and assign skills to your players. These will be the only additional skills your team will have for the tournament so choose wisely!
Please make a note on your roster in advance which skill package you choose. No player may have more than one additional skill/upgrade/change and no changes can be made to a star player. The skills chosen cannot be changed between games.

Package 1: (5 normal skill rolls)
You may give 5 different players on your team one skill they could normally obtain on a regular skill roll (non-doubles).

Package 2: (1 double and 3 normal)
You may give 1 player on your team a skill they could obtain on a doubles roll as well as giving 3 other players skills they could obtain on normal skill rolls.

Package 3: (2 double and 1 normal)
You may give 2 players on your team a skill they could obtain on a double roll as well as giving 1 other player skills they could obtain on normal skill rolls.

Package 4: (2 normal and Remove 1 extraordinary) Stunty teams only!
You may give 2 players on your team a skill they can obtain on a normal skill roll and remove 1 extraordinary skill on one of your players.

Tournament points:
Win                                    3p
Draw                                   1p
Loss                                    0P

Tournament Match ups:
The first round will be set up so that coaches from the same league do not have to play each other (if possible). Stunty vs. stunty in the first round (if possible).

Tournament pairings will be setup in a Swiss style. You will be paired up with coaches who have a similar score as yourself after each round.
No Overtimes will be played!

The Scoring system has been adjusted to hopefully get the most accurate representation of how everyone has performed. But no matter what is done, there will be ties in the standings.

This will be the order ties are broken in:
1.      Total TD+CAS score.
(Count both for and against. Add positive and negative score to get your total.)
2.      Head to Head record
3.      Most TD
4.      Most CAS

If it is still a tie at that point, the tournament organizer will use his best judgment in finding a way to break the tie.

All teams are expected to meet the minimum painted guidelines. They must have 3 colors on them and have had some attempt at making them appear finished. Minimum requirements are 3 colors and based. Miniatures that don’t meet the minimum requirements are not allowed on the pitch.

Sideline figures do not need to be represented with a miniature as stated in the CRP rules and does not need to be painted.

Prices will be awarded to the winner, the runner up, the most violent coach, the highest scoring coach, the stunty cup and the wooden spoon for placing last. Please note that prices may vary from miniatures, dice, wooden objects and diplomas.

A coach can only claim one of these and will have to spread the wealth if he wins more than one.

Other awards may be given out as well; participants who wish to give out their own awards can contact the organizers at twinmountainbowl@gmail.com to have their award added to the official ones.